I need any ideas you have

My daughter and SIL, and grand kids are going on their first vacation ever. Leaving tomorrow morning early. Yesterday we found the toilet was not draining, and water backing up in the tub. She is in a one year old mobile home.

We tried Liquid Plummer, Drano….followed by hot water with 8 ft, 15 ft and 25 ft snakes. we plunged into the tub, the toilet, the sink, and the kitchen sink. …The system is like a long y with the bathroom ceramics and then into the kitchen for the sink there…..past the kitchen and laundry room is their private bath and bedroom….THOSE are working properly.

They are past the main, while all the above is on the other side of the main…everything appears to come together in the middle of the mobile home. We tried calling plumbers most wouldn’t work on mobile homes, and none would come out today. Found one who wanted $95 to come out and figured another $3-400. We shelved that bathroom til they got back…

That’s all the money they had for the trip after putting new tires on car to make the trip. After moms death, they need a break they were there with us all the way…kids included. …anyone out there know what we need to do. Appreciate any help!