Lasagne gardening

Well, I finally did it! I’ve been ‘saving’ carboard, grass clippings, newspapers…you name it! I am about half-way to finishing my lasagne garden and I’m so excited!

I would have never thought of this on my own, nor would I have known about the book….so thanks to everyone who was sooo ambitious this past spring and who did this. BTW, how did this type of garden work for you if you did it? DH and BIL are going to be loading up a huge trailer of aged horse manure on the weekend and then some barn litter for the next layer.

I *think* that I have a source for the cedar mulch/tree bark for free for my paths. Before DH and the BIL got involved, I had a nice little plot started of about 10 x 12. Now it is a cool 20 square foot area…YIKES! Hopefully Sunday afternoon I’ll have my garlic bulbs planted in one little area of it for next year.

So come on everyone…fess up. Would you do it again the next year?

I posted before

I posted before that I bought my son a two compartment lunch box at Costco. It was under $10 and seems to be very well made. It even has a shoulder strap.

I will probably get a spare within the next couple of weeks because I am afraid that I won’t be able to find another one when this one gets lost as it inevitably will. The top compartment is for hot food and comes with a hot pack. You heat the hot pack in the microwave and then place it next to the hot entree. It seems to be very well insulated so I hope that it works.

I never had very good luck with thermoses (Is there such a word?)I practically bought the glass liners in bulk and the food was still not hot enough. My husband has a metal one which is great and really does keep things hot. It is really for liquids such as coffee and tea (not wide mouth).

It works well but I could probably have lunch catered when you factor in the cost of replacing the lost ones every few weeks.

We are in a similar situation

We are in a similar situation, but ds, 11, does not have the option of buying a lunch at his school. Therefore, he brings lunch everyday. This is what we started doing the end of last school year (and will resume again tomorrow!).

We bought a thermos for each of the boys. In the morning, they cook up what they want to bring. In the meantime, they put hot water in the thermos, per the directions that came with it. This heats the thermos up. They then put the food in the thermos just from being cooked. Example: they like tortellini. They boil the tortellini and put it straight in the thermos after they drain it. The thermos is already heated up from the hot water and the food is VERY hot when they put it in.

I don’t know exactly how hot it actually was at lunch (usually cooked about 7 or 7:15 and lunch at 12), but they kept doing it, even ds13 at the time (who is VERY, shall we say, discriminating). When ds11 and I were coming up with lunch ideas for this week, 4 out of 5 require the thermos, so it must work pretty well! Good luck and please share any other ideas you may get – we are always looking for something different to try!

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Which type of thermos cups were you using Sharla ? I have short thermos type cups that have a screw on lid. I have sent leftovers in them and my kids say they are still fairly warm for lunch. I put boiling water in them in the morning and let them sit while I heat up whatever they are taking. I heat the food up really really hot and then dump the boiling water out and put the food in. This seems to work.

As far as something like a burrito or hot pocket I have heard of hot packs for lunch boxes now. I’m not sure how that would work if you also needed to keep other items cold. I haven’t used this type of thing. Our intermediate and high school lunches are either $1.50 or $2.25 (for double entree or another larger lunch). One complaint I have is that even the larger lunches (our 17 year old son buys these) still only included an 8 oz. drink.

That is not enough drink for a large lunch. Another complaint I have is the elementary lunch is not enough food for bigger kids. My 11 year old will be in his last year of elementary school this year and he packed last year for this reason. I think the lunch guidelines need to be upgraded for older kids.

I came in at the tail end of this conversation, so forgive me if I’m repeating. Dh is in construction. After breaking a few glass thermoses I had to admit they were not a viable alternative. Stomping my feet all the way to the register, I bought one of the expensive steel thermoses (I think they run about $30).

In all honesty, last winter he complained that at lunch time his soup was too hot. The one problem I could forsee is that it has a narrow opening.

And I don’t know if they make them wider. Good luck. It was a good investment for us.

I would love it if the thermos ever came back home again! I have stopped buying the fancy little lunch boxes, they never make it back home. I use good old brown paper sacks. I went to a restaurant supply store and got little cups with lids for things like jello and pudding cups, cups of diced fruit, dip, etc. They work well. Although if making jello make the jigglers recipe and put in the cup. Regular jello melts and gets all over.

I need any ideas you have

My daughter and SIL, and grand kids are going on their first vacation ever. Leaving tomorrow morning early. Yesterday we found the toilet was not draining, and water backing up in the tub. She is in a one year old mobile home.

We tried Liquid Plummer, Drano….followed by hot water with 8 ft, 15 ft and 25 ft snakes. we plunged into the tub, the toilet, the sink, and the kitchen sink. …The system is like a long y with the bathroom ceramics and then into the kitchen for the sink there…..past the kitchen and laundry room is their private bath and bedroom….THOSE are working properly.

They are past the main, while all the above is on the other side of the main…everything appears to come together in the middle of the mobile home. We tried calling plumbers most wouldn’t work on mobile homes, and none would come out today. Found one who wanted $95 to come out and figured another $3-400. We shelved that bathroom til they got back…

That’s all the money they had for the trip after putting new tires on car to make the trip. After moms death, they need a break they were there with us all the way…kids included. …anyone out there know what we need to do. Appreciate any help!