I haven’t been through this

…but I have a few ideas for helping your husband in the kitchen through your bed rest:

1. One no-brainer recipe for BEEF STEW:

Open up 4-6 cans (1 or 2 of canned beef stew, 1 or 2 of canned potatoes, 1 can corn, 1 can green beans). Heat and serve.

Eat in bowls with crackers (he might want to add a cup of water and a beef bouillon cube), or serve over bread for open-faced sandwiches. It’s very hearty and good!!

2. A few VERY simple recipes. Each takes just 1 pound of ground beef, plus just 1 or 2 other ingredients:

  • Sloppy Joes (add 1 envelope of Sloppy Joe mix and put into hamburger buns)
  • Tacos – (add 1 envelope of taco seasoning mix and put into tortillas)
  • Spaghetti Sauce – (add bottled spaghetti sauce and put onto pasta)
  • Chili (add chili seasoning mix) and serve.

* Some of these may require a can of tomato paste, I can’t remember.

3. A few more simple dinners:

  • chili dogs – heat weiners, stick in buns, pour channed chili over the top.
  • fish sticks or fried fish portions and tater tots – throw in oven, pass the ketchup.
  • bbq chicken – 1-2 cans chicken pieces heated with 1 bottle bbq sauce (dilute with water if nec). Serve over pasta or rice.
  • frozen pizza
  • frozen chicken nuggets or fried chicken pieces
  • boxed dinners like Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper, etc.
  • pork chops – fry them, throw on cream of mushroom soup and simmer a bit, S&P, and serve on rice.

These are probably not what you would make, but cheaper than take-out, take no skill, no chopping or fussing, do not even require reading recipes, and all are very fast so can be made after dh gets home from work. Also, from a working man’s perspective, these ideas may be more tolerable than measuring out spices and sticking hands in meatloaf goo or raw chicken, for instance.

Just have him round out each dinner with a canned veg heated up, maybe bread&butter, or canned fruit.

Most of all, remember, y’all won’t starve and he will survive. He will also appreciate you all that much more, when you are back on your feet. Lise