Lasagne gardening

Well, I finally did it! I’ve been ‘saving’ carboard, grass clippings, newspapers…you name it! I am about half-way to finishing my lasagne garden and I’m so excited!

I would have never thought of this on my own, nor would I have known about the book….so thanks to everyone who was sooo ambitious this past spring and who did this. BTW, how did this type of garden work for you if you did it? DH and BIL are going to be loading up a huge trailer of aged horse manure on the weekend and then some barn litter for the next layer.

I *think* that I have a source for the cedar mulch/tree bark for free for my paths. Before DH and the BIL got involved, I had a nice little plot started of about 10 x 12. Now it is a cool 20 square foot area…YIKES! Hopefully Sunday afternoon I’ll have my garlic bulbs planted in one little area of it for next year.

So come on everyone…fess up. Would you do it again the next year?