I don’t have much advice

I don’t have much advice other than you need to take it easy and think of your health and your unborn baby. I too, am pregnant, 24 weeks and spent 11 days in the hospital due to pneumonia from July 1 – July 11.

I spent the 4th of July, my birthday and missed a trip that I was supposed to take (paid for already) to Texas. All I can say is it wasn’t easy (still isn’t) but, people kept telling me it was for a short time and once the baby comes I could worry about all the other stuff. I have 3 other children and DH got to see what my life is like for a change. It was really hard on him getting them presentable each evening to come visit me in the hospital.

He also had to feed them and keep up the laundry and before I came home, he got everyone to help him pick up the house for me. I was told the same thing about taking it easy, not put on bed rest thankfully, but can’t do much. This has caused problems believe me, but I have to keep telling myself that it is worth it. One thing I might suggest is to rely on friends and your church family if you have one.

They cooked dinner for us for an entire week and I have to say that was a miracle in itself. I wish I were close to you so I could help, but I have piles of laundry waiting on me anyway. Take a deep breath and remember that this too will pass and until then try to relax.

I had to be in bed for almost 7 months with a pregnancy. One thing that helped was having things handy I could do with the other kids. There were three at the time. The youngest, 4, wanted to spend time with me so we kept books, flashcards and other quiet activities within my reach. Keep your mind busy too so you dont think too much. Make to do lists, journal, write to friends etc…

A good friend of mine makes homeade bread, very hearty and healthy. I kept some of that and stuff to drink in my room so I could avoid getting up for a snack.

best of luck, Lisa Il

I just went thru this a couple of months ago

I was placed on strict bedrest at just 23 weeks into my pregnancy. I was on bedrest 7 weeks at home and 2weeks in the hospital, unfortunately I delivered at 32 weeks,Thankfully he is fine with no problems and just turned 4 mths.

This is what I did and how I managed. Had a cooler with lunch meat,cheese.fresh fruit,milk and other “cravings” by my bed that DH would fill before he left for work.Had plastic storage box that contained snacks(crackers,peanuts,chocolate,etc). kept in drawer of nitestand. planned lots of simple crockpot recipes so that dh could dump ingredients in crock nite before or in am before work and turn it on and go.

Lucky enough to have sister and mom close by where they helped out with household chores and laundry. They also would surprise us with casseroles and other cooked items. I shopped for clothing using catalogs (jcpenny) and online. I filled my time watching videos,reading the Left Behind book series (fabulous), planning for when baby arrived, and of course online!! there is a bedrest discussion board on parentsplace in which helped me out a lot.

take care of yourself and the little one,my prayers are with you. Feel free to email me privately if wish .

I was on bedrest from 7 weeks until my son was born

I spent the last two months in the hospital. Matty was 6 weeks early.

My mother and friends cooked up some meals for the freezer. My ex was not able to handle the fact that our son was going to have a birth defect and basically was of no help at all. My friend moved in and she would leave my meals in a cooler by the couch (we had a two story house so I slept down stairs) before she would go to work in the morning. I planned meals and clipped coupons during the day.

The most important thing is having a healthy baby and keeping your little one inside as long as possible. Don’t worry about housework, errands etc.

Everything will work out in the long run.

I was an bedrest for months before each of my children were born. I could ONLY get up to go to the bathroom! To pay all our bills (we had quite a lot as I was not able to work) we even applied for a couple of no credit check installment loans from an online company.

With pregnancy #1, my husband would make me a sandwich and put it in the fridge (I would get it on my way back from the bathroom). We also bought canned drinks so I could just grab one when I got my sandwich. He did all the cleaning and cooking when he got home in the evenings.

With pregnancy #2, I had my daughter (then age 2). I would read books to her during the day and watch some T.V. with her. When I was thirsty, she would get me a canned drink from the fridge. My husband would make us breakfast before he left in the morning, come home during his lunchbreak and make us lunch, and come home and make us supper and clean up. He was such a sweetie pie.

That was alot of sacrifice on his part that I appreciated sooo much!

Good Luck!