I posted before

I posted before that I bought my son a two compartment lunch box at Costco. It was under $10 and seems to be very well made. It even has a shoulder strap.

I will probably get a spare within the next couple of weeks because I am afraid that I won’t be able to find another one when this one gets lost as it inevitably will. The top compartment is for hot food and comes with a hot pack. You heat the hot pack in the microwave and then place it next to the hot entree. It seems to be very well insulated so I hope that it works.

I never had very good luck with thermoses (Is there such a word?)I practically bought the glass liners in bulk and the food was still not hot enough. My husband has a metal one which is great and really does keep things hot. It is really for liquids such as coffee and tea (not wide mouth).

It works well but I could probably have lunch catered when you factor in the cost of replacing the lost ones every few weeks.