I just went thru this a couple of months ago

I was placed on strict bedrest at just 23 weeks into my pregnancy. I was on bedrest 7 weeks at home and 2weeks in the hospital, unfortunately I delivered at 32 weeks,Thankfully he is fine with no problems and just turned 4 mths.

This is what I did and how I managed. Had a cooler with lunch meat,cheese.fresh fruit,milk and other “cravings” by my bed that DH would fill before he left for work.Had plastic storage box that contained snacks(crackers,peanuts,chocolate,etc). kept in drawer of nitestand. planned lots of simple crockpot recipes so that dh could dump ingredients in crock nite before or in am before work and turn it on and go.

Lucky enough to have sister and mom close by where they helped out with household chores and laundry. They also would surprise us with casseroles and other cooked items. I shopped for clothing using catalogs (jcpenny) and online. I filled my time watching videos,reading the Left Behind book series (fabulous), planning for when baby arrived, and of course online!! there is a bedrest discussion board on parentsplace in which helped me out a lot.

take care of yourself and the little one,my prayers are with you. Feel free to email me privately if wish .