That lunchbox sounds neat

Maybe I’ll have to look around for one if the kids get tired of the stuff we normally pack. I don’t seem to get a lot of complaints. Older DS buys, DD either takes ham and cheese or cold pizza (if we have any), and younger DS either takes turkey and cheese or he likes the canned spaghettis (40 cents a can at the salvage store for the ones with meatballs) and I put those in the thermos cups and he says they’re hot enough for him at lunch. DD has taken leftover chili and I put it in the thermos cup and she says it’s still warm at lunch so that works for us. Oh well I guess I’ll see what this year brings. I’m sure something new ! LOL

Do the lost lunchboxes ever turn up Daryl ? I can’t say we’ve ever lost one for real. Younger DS has left his at school a few times but it’s always there the next day. That would get expensive replacing lunchboxes like that. I found a nice canvas type (?) lunch box for younger DS at Costco 2 years ago and it seems to be holding up great. This will be the 3rd year for it. This is the longest we’ve had a lunchbox last. The plastic/vinyl type only last a year if we’re lucky.

My oldest 2 are forever losing lunch boxes and bags so I send paper ones now. It seems like such a waste but losing the other is much more expensive. They also lose thermoses so i can’t save as much and give as much variety as I would like. I “accidentally” came up with an idea for keeping the hot foods hot longer when I stored a smaller insulated zip-up lunch tote inside another. It seemed to make sense to just keep them together and put the hot food inside and double “bag”, so to speak. I think a microwaveable hot pack would also keep the food even better. Where would one find those? I never thought about getting one, so I’ve never looked.

Most of the time the lunch boxes do eventually come back. The plastic juice boxes are another story. I have learned to write my son’s name on them with paint pens. I think he is a little embarrassed but he gets over it. The hot pack came with the lunch box but I am going to buy a few more while all of the back to school stuff is available.