The first thing you need to do

The first thing you need to do is document all the dates, times of calls and messages left. Then let them know you are going to go the legal route if your call is not returned within 24 hours. If they still do not call. I would seriously consider filing a small claims against them before the warranty expiration date. I had almost this exact same thing happen to me several years ago. I even had to go as far as filing before they settled the matter with me.

We had something similar happen with a local service company. They did a diagnosis on my car and said it was the distributor, they “fixed” it and it broke down 2 days later and they wanted me to put another 2-3 hundred in it. I called the dealer and explained the problems I had been having and the “solution” the repair shop had proposed and Honda told me they were just throwing parts at it. I had Honda fix it and immediately informed the first shop they could reimburse me for what they originally charged me plus the mess Honda had to fix caused by them, plus the tow etc or I’d take them to court.

They basically told me to get out of there and they weren’t responsible etc. So, that same day I filed in small claims court. The NEXT day their insurance company called to settle. Small claims court is EASY and if you need advice please email me. We had an acquaintance put in a motor in my dh’s old truck a couple years ago. We gave him the money to buy a motor we found in a reputable shop.

Instead, he got one from a friend and it lasted all of 2 weeks. He didn’t want to return the money or out a new one in so I took him to small claims court and won. Of course he filed bankruptcy so I didn’t get my money but I sure did make him sweat.

The main thing you must do is to document everything. Make sure you have a copy of the warranty, notes about when you called, when you stopped by etc.

Theresa in IN