We just went through exactly this with my SIL

The bottom line is having a healthy baby. Everything WILL get done….if it doesn’t, oh well. Keeping that baby inside until it is ready is the most important. We thought my brother would never be able to handle it all……they also have an 8 year old. You know what? He did great! Ask your mom, MIL, sisters, SIL’s friends to make up some meals for you. They will want to help!! Ask them to bring a copy of the recipe so your husband can make the stuff that they like.

You can clip coupons in bed….make him a grocery list. I hope some of this helps you. Keep us posted.

I haven’t been on bedrest, but was taken off work a month early. There are some things your hubby can be trusted (LOL) to do to help stock up the freezer.

–have him brown ground beef; some plain, some with garlic & onion, etc. He can bag it in sandwich bags, then put 4 in a gallon ziploc to freeze. Then all he’ll have to do for spaghetti and such is defrost a bag for a minute or two and pop it into the sauce.

–if you were to sit by and direct traffic, could he mix up some simpler recipes, like meatloaf, to put in the freezer?

You know, this could be a great benefit to your future freezer cooking, because he’ll see how much time it saves HIM, lol.

I’ll try to think up some more, Dayna in MS

Hi all,
I just got home from a mini hospital stay due to early contractions (a little more than 2 months early) and I am hoping that someone(s) on this list can guide me. I must stay on strict bed rest-no cooking, no shopping etc for at least a few days, maybe a week or maybe the next two months. I will know more as I return to the Dr every few days or so to check for dilation. I am wondering if anyone on this list has gone though anything similar and can let me know how they have dealt with it, preferably as frugally as possible.

I was going to return to work next week part-time for a few months to help us save a little bit of money and put us in a better financial posiiton when the baby is born. Now, I am not sure if I can or should return.

I am also worried about our budget. I was going to start stocking up our freezer to help out later but now I can’t cook. The most I can do is get up and make a sandwich! YIKES! So dh is going to have to take over EVERYTHING for awhile and I am just so worried.

If anyone has been through this or has any suggestions on things I/my dh can do to ease the situation or not bust or budget I would eternally appreciate it.