With all the talk of school lunches

With all the talk of school lunches I sat down and talked to ds11 to think about lunches. He likes leftovers and “hot” food. Last year I bought the old food thermos’s mentioned in the TW gazette but the food got cold. We also tried the thermos that came in the lunchbox which was colder.

There is no microwave available.

What do you all use or suggest?

The middle school lunch is $1.50 from the cafeteria or more from the fast foodcarts the bring in (Arby’s, Pizza Hut). I think I can make him a lunch for less but he eats a lot also so I think pasta’s and such would fill him up.

Also, Savalot has a 10pk of frozen burritos for $2 something any ideas how to keep them warm?

Thanks for all the ideas. I was not filling the jars with hot water and my dh pointed out to me that they were cold food jars,They have liquid in the lid to freeze. oops!-LOL!!!

I am however going to go to WalMart and buy a Real thermos for my ds. My dh found a stainless steel one he got for being his brother best man and we tried it this am and the food is still warm. Now hubby wants to use it too. Hey this might turn him around and stop buying his daily burrito from the lunch truck.